Once you have received a grant award, you will use the Grant Management System (GMS) to submit reimbursement requests and upload supporting reimbursement documentation. You can also use the GMS to check on the status of a reimbursement request.

Access the GMS system – please use Internet Explorer

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, the Recreational Trails Program is a reimbursement grant program. Projects can be phased to allow leverage of money that is less than the total project amount.

Yes, there is a 25 percent match requirement on the awarded amount of RTP funds. Match can be achieved using labor force, volunteer hours and, in some cases, donations. Consult with your regional trails specialist or the grants manager if you have specific match questions.

Projects eligible include new trail construction, trail maintenance projects, signage needs, land acquisitions for trail purposes and planning and permitting (up to 10 percent of grant amount). Your regional trails specialist can help you determine if your project is eligible for RTP funding.

RTP funding is available for both governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations.

The minimum amount for an RTP grant is $10,000 and the maximum is $100,000. RTP Safety and Education grants can be awarded up to $5,000.

RTP is a reimbursement program. The grantee must finance 100 percent of the project costs. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted 6 months after the start of construction.

Your reimbursement request documentation must include:

  1. Copy of invoice – without sales tax. No sales tax will be reimbursed.
  2. Proof of payment: credit card receipt or front and back copy of cancelled check.
  3. Documentation of match: cash, volunteer labor sheets, donations, etc. Please note: volunteer labor sheets must show volunteers' names, dates worked and hours worked.


Also, we need to know which deliverable each invoice is tied to. Please make sure to reference the related deliverable number from your contact when requesting reimbursement.

Notify your regional trails specialist so they can schedule your final inspection. You will also need to submit your final reimbursement request once your final inspection is complete. Lastly, the closeout package of documents must be submitted.

Grant closeout package for government agencies

Grant closeout package for non-governmental organizations