Deep River State Trail

About the trail

Deep River became a state trail in 2007 through special legislation in the General Assembly. The authorization did not provide funding to implement the trail but did give priority for communities along the river who may want to access recreation trail grants to construct and maintain trail in the corridor.  Soon after, the City of Randleman and the Town of Franklinville opened sections of trail along the Deep River. The Town of Ramseur also secured a Clean Water Management Trust Fund grant to complete a detailed alignment of the trail in the Town of Ramseur. 

In 2015, a Deep River Trail Task Force was formed by the Randolph County Tourism Development Authority with local, regional and state government representatives, as well as recreation and trail advocates to continue coordinating efforts for planning, design, construction and management of the Deep River Trail in the county. A task force report was completed in 2016 that inventoried the status of trail development along the Deep River and provided recommendations on key plans, designs and other actions to move trail development forward.

Planned use:  HIKING + PADDLING

Map of proposed trail

Map of Deep River State Trail, as proposed