State Trail Designation Applications

State Trails epitomize partnerships. While a State Park is operated and managed by the Division of Parks and Recreation, a State Trail is comprised of multiple connected sections, and each section of the trail is sponsored by a state or federal agency, local government, or private landowner.

Section sponsors build, maintain, and manage their section of the trail. This includes location, design, surface, permitted uses, and amenities. Section sponsors retain authority on lands under their jurisdiction. They are encouraged to showcase places of natural, scenic, historic, and cultural significance; to feature the diversity of the natural communities and landscapes in the states; to consider the needs of both long- and short-distance hikers; and to employ recognized standards of sustainable trail design and construction. Often, and ideally, section sponsors are supported by dedicated volunteers.

Once a segment of trail is constructed within the planning corridor of a state trail, the section sponsor must apply for official state trail designation. Until the trail segment is designated, it is not part of the state trail.

Part of the process of designation is public notice and the opportunity to review all of the segments of trail that are proposed for designation. This page will be updated periodically with new designation applicants, grouped by the deadline date for public comment.

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Please email your comments to:
Smith Raynor, State Trails Planner