2023 State Trail Designation Applicants

North Carolina boasts 12 state trails. When these trails are authorized by the General Assembly, the legislature essentially authorizes a "notion" of a trail. After the authorization becomes law, the NC Division of Parks and Recreation is responsible for planning a corridor within which completed segments of trail must be located. Once segments are constructed, they are not part of the state trail until they are designated.

The designation process involves an application by the land manager to the state trails planner. Then, the segment is inspected. Once the segment is inspected, the NC Trails Committee reviews the designation applications and votes whether to recommend designation to the Secretary of Natural and Cultural Resources. The Secretary makes the final decision.

This year, we have 18 applications for state trail designation. Some of these applications are for paddle accesses on our state trails that are paddle trails.

Please submit your comments by March 30, 2023 for the applicants listed on this page.

2023 Applications

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The Deep River Park Association is applying for designation as part of the Deep River State Trail for its access at Camelback Bridge.

The City of Marion is applying for designation of a 0.5-mile segment of the Fonta Flora State Trail in downtown Marion.

The Toe River Valley Watch is applying for designation of a 1-mile segment of the Overmountain Victory State Trail known as Cathey's Plantation.

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission is applying for designation as part of the Roanoke River State Trail for its accesses at Gaston, Weldon, Odom, Lewiston-Woodville, Williamston, Astoria Landing, Windsor Cashier River Elm Street, and Edenhouse Bridge.